About Tamara Houtveen

My name is Tamara Houtveen. I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Amersfoort, the Netherlands. I love creating patterns and illustrations that are a part of our everyday lives and bring you a smile on your face.

My favorite subjects to draw are animals and nature themed patterns. I love to be inspired by nature, vintage graphics & books and traveling. I mainly use Adobe Illustrator to create new work.

Currently my work is licensed for a variety of products, mainly fabric. Would you like to work with me? I am always open for new opportunities! In addition to licensing, I also love to work freelance or on commission creating new work just for you. Please contact me for more information.

Fun Facts:

  • As a child I liked to drew patterns on graph paper, usually geometrical designs. I loved connecting the squares together.
  • I love to take art classes in other creative areas (sculptures, crochet etc.). These classes also influence the way I make my illustrations.
  • I love listening to audio books and podcasts while working. (I’m always open for new suggestions!)
  • Places I would love to travel to include: Japan, Scotland & the North Pole (although I would find the last place very cold, I don’t like cold so much)
  • I love cooking and experimenting with spices and flavors.
  • I have two budgies. They are the reason I love to draw birds a lot. One of my budgies (Dino) is able to talk and loves hiphop music, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC.
  • My favorite colors vary a lot. Currently I’m in love with cobalt blue and gold fusion.

Connect with me:

Email: info[at]tamarahoutveen.nl
Skype: tamarahoutveen
Instagram: @tamarahoutveen
Twitter: @tamarahoutveen
Linkedin: Tamara Houtveen

Photo Tamara Houtveen